Hearing Loss In Children with Otitis Media and Effusion (OME)


  • Thenoon Yaseen Abdulkuder
  • Safaa Khalaf Faleh


Hearing loss, children, OME


Otitis media with effusion (OME) is a common condition affecting children ,if not managed appropriately may lead to a serious complications. Our study was planned to measure the pure tone audiometry and tympanometry findings in OME regarding the type and the degree of hearing loss.  The study include 50 patients with age range from 4-15 years old of different gender. The thresholds in the involved cases (conductive deafness) were 31dBHL in the ranging between (0-50) dBHL. 500Hz is the frequency mostly affected, 2000Hz most less affected. In bone hearing threshold (sensorineural problem), the frequency 1000Hz is mostly affected, while the least affected was 250Hz.


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