Evaluation of Application of Quality Improvement Program Among a Samples of Primary Health Care Centers In Thi-qar Governorate


  • Atta AH. Mousa AL-Sarray
  • Ameer k. Resun AL-Awadii


According to collected data finding the Quality evaluating percentage for administrative units 87.7% & it's  main weak indicators were for feedback & it is records , administrative guideline , administrative training , infection control guideline , alcohol , waste's cart ,waste's balance & log documentation of some record . 83.1%  evaluating percent for medical units and main weakness points were in numbers of medical &serving staff , gynecological examination room ,waiting & examination time .Pharmacy unit had 89.5% ,main weak indicators were in number of pharmacist ,separated area between boxes of drugs and walls , smoke detector , number of trundle , doses & rout of drugs on recipe .Tuberculosis program had 92.1% and weak score only in health promotion folder for tuberculosis disease ,following of dropout patient from therapy. There are weakness in all immunization coverage in most centers but Vitamin A , storage of vaccine , training of immunization team , presence of records , infection control equipments had good score in immunization units which had 81.1%. Maternal units had lowest evaluating percentage was 74.6 % because there are weak indicators in female medical staff , units according to standard , home visit , presence of  sonar ,1st & 4th maternal visit coverage .Health promotion unit had 91.6% ,there are weak score for community participation , halls. While IMNCH units had 88.4% average percentage and most weak indicators were for number of medical staff , adequate place for ARI equipments program ,Thermometer. The continuous training & psychological health services had 82.6% , 95.8% respectively .Laboratory units evaluating percentage was 76.6% & most weak indicators were in structure staff , shaker , balance , spirit lamp , dispenser , calibration, KLB , G , AFB & water bath .In this study the main weak indicators regarding health visitor program in internal net work , transport vehicle , health visitor's maps & bags ,updating numbering of houses therefore this program had 84.4%. Weak indicators regarding hotel services were in rights & duties list of patient , Rumba & special toilets for handicapped patients ,alcohol , cleanliness of gardens therefore the hotel services had 80.3% .Dental services units had 83.6% ,itis weakness score were in  number of dentist , dental devices , XR dental devices , processing devices , debris removal devices , optical filler material , activation of dentists , dykal , amalgam , temporary filler material ,XR films & batting root .Emergency services units had 83.7% evaluating percent  .While most weak scores regarding emergency services were for medical staff , laundry & serving staff .


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