The Epidemiology of Dermatological Diseases in Al- Nasiriya City 2018

  • Ali A.Saadoon Al-Ghuzi Ph.D. Community Medicine (Family & Community Medicine Department) college of medicine- University of Thi-Qar.
  • Zahraa jabber Ibrahim M.B.Ch.B. Thiqar health directorate
  • Ahmed Abdul Hussein Kawen M.B.Ch.B, FICMS (Department of Dermatology) college of medicine- University of Thiqar.
Keywords: Iraq, Nasiriya, 2018, dermatological diseases


Background: Skin diseases are a common problem wide world affecting both sex and all age groups, there are many factors contribute to cause skin diseases such as contact with infectious patients, contact with an allergen or other irritant materials, overcrowding, and poor hygiene. Aim: To study the epidemiology of common dermatological diseases in Al-Nasiriya city in 2018. Methods and materials: Cross-sectional hospital based study from first of March 2018 to September 2018. This work tried to study socio-demographic, determinant, specific laboratory investigation of common dermatological diseases under a well-prepared questionnaire. The analysis of data was done by-SPSS version 25 Result: A total of 1048 patients had been studied where the extent of eczema/dermatitis 38.3%, viral infection20.4%, and protozoal infection 14% regarding to the socio-demographic age had a significant association in multivariate analysis. Conclusion:  eczema /dermatitis, viral infection, protozoal infection had most extent of dermatological diseases. Recommendation: further studies are required to identify preventive measures and establishment of the dermatological center.


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