Neonatal Mortality in Thi-Qar / Bint Al-Huda Teaching Hospital / Neonatal Care Unit: Five Years ( 2015-2019)Trend And Causes

  • Mohammed Aziz Katie Paediatrician, Thi-Qar Health Directorate/ Bint Al-Huda Teaching Hospital
  • Jabbar Badr Mohan Paediatrician, Thi-Qar Health Directorate/ Bint Al-Huda Teaching Hospital
  • Rikan Mohsen Zugair Paediatrician, Thi-Qar Health Directorate/ Bint Al-Huda Teaching Hospital
  • Falah Abd Basher Paediatrician, Thi-Qar Health Directorate/ Bint Al-Huda Teaching Hospital


Background: Effectiveness of public health is determined by many indicators one of them is the neonatal mortality rate that considers an important one for these issues, it gives an impact on child health care services and welfare initiatives. Rationale: Neonatal deaths account for a large proportion of child deaths. Mortality during neonatal period is considered a useful indicator of both maternal and newborn health and care.                                                                                                                      Objectives: This study aimed to know the time trend of neonatal mortality in Thi-Qar, assess its distribution according to its main causes of death.                                                                               Subjects and Methods: Across sectional observational study extending all over the past 5 years; from January  2015 till the end of June of 2019 in Bint Al-Huda maternity and pediatrics hospital-Thi-Qar-Iraq, through which no. of live birth, neonatal deaths had been included, where sex,  address,  word,  cause of death and lastly comorbid condition. frequencies, percentages, chi-square test, Fisher exact test, Univariate and multivariant analysis had been used to reach the proposed aims. P-value of less than 0.05 is considered significant.                                              Results: Even though there was a difference within a number of live birth all over the five years of the study,  but it was no so big and statistically non significant (P value =0.163). The numbers of deliveries per month and seasons had significant statistical differences where  P value (0.042). A rate of mortality is increasing by nearly  175%, 148 % between the year 2015 and 2019 for both ENMR  and LNMR.   Respiratory, prematurity, and congenital anomalies were the main causes of death all over the five studied years.                                                                                               Recommendations: Big efforts must be exerted upon full details of neonatal death to clarify its risk, causes and reducing its big burden on the health care services by prevention of this mortality rate.


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