Relation Between Visfatin, Body Mass Index with Insulin Resistance in Type 2 Diabetic Iraqi Patients

  • Majid Khadum Hussein Kufa university-faculty of medicine-department of Biochemistry
  • Asia Ali Hamza Kufa university-faculty of medicine-department of Biochemistry
  • Ali Abdulzahra Ahmed Kufa university-faculty of medicine-department of Pharmacology and Therapeutics
Keywords: Insulin resistance, T2DM, Visfatin


Background: Insulin resistance, obesity, sedentary lifestyle and type of food are considered to be a causative agent for predisposing of T2DM. Aim: To investigate the correlation between insulin resistance with BMI and the effect of Visfatin in this interaction (T2DM). Method: This project has two groups, a control healthy group consist of 200 volunteers and a second group of 200 T2DM patients who were documented according to WHO criteria. HOMA-IR, FBG and BMI were measured. Results: A significant relationship between T2DM and IR was observed, additionally to a significant relationship between visfatin level and blood glucose level. Conclusion: T2DM is associated with insulin resistance which has many predisposing factors like obesity, sedentary lifestyle and type of food style, visfatin is an adipokine with an insulin-mimetic action that tends to increase insulin sensitivity and reduces blood glucose level and this clarifies the elevated level of Visfatin in such T2DM. 


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