Unilateral Sino-Nasal Mass a Prospective Clinical Study

  • Ali Obeid Abbass F. I. C. M. S, ORL HNS Al-Habobi Teaching Hospital


Background : A nasal polyp is the most common mass lesion encountered in the Nose, Described as an abnormal lesion that emanates from any portion of nasal mucosa or paranasal sinus. Sino-nasal mass of another histological origin can be difficult to distinguish from nasal polyp based on symptoms, Nasal endoscopy and computed tomography. The nose and paranasal sinuses represent two of the rarest site of origin of head and neck cancer but also give rise to a great variety of different histological types. Setting : The prospective study planned achieved in hospital of specialized surgeries, department of Otorhinolaryngology from April 2007 to November 2008. Objective : To analyse the causes, the clinical presentations of unilateral sinonsal mass. Patients and Methods : The study involves 64 patient attended the outpatient department of Baghdad teaching hospital and Basrah general hospital department of otorhinolaryngology complaining of nasal symptoms with variable presentation. All the patients were assessed by a thorough history and clinical examination. Some of them had been sent for radiological investigation and imaging study and underwent incisional or excisional biopsy then send for histopathological examination. According to the clinical and radiological findings, we divide the patients into 2 groups.
  • The 1st group has no significant associated clinical finding nor radiological evidence of bony erosion called inflammatory.
  • The 2nd group have significant associated clinical finding like Epistaxis, facial pain, paresthesia and radiological evidence of bony erosion and called neoplastic. Then compare that with the histopathological results.
Results : In this study the total No of patients 64 – 41 male and 23 female. Thirty-five of them were found to have inflammatory mass. Twenty-nine of them were found to have neoplastic mass.
  • The commonest inflammatory lesion was simple nasal polyp 25.
  • The commonest neoplastic lesion was angiofibroma as benign and squamous cell carcinoma as malignant.
  • The commonest presentation in the neoplastic lesion is epistaxis followed by facial pain.
  • The commonest presentation is unilateral nasal mass is nasal obstruction.
Conclusion: We found that a considerable percentage of unilateral sinonasal mass was neoplastic both clinically and histopathologically.


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