Assessment of Quality of Life for Patient with Thalassemia at Thalassemia Center in Thi-Qar Pronince


  • Ali Jerin AlJabiri Pediatrics Department, College of medicine, Thi-Qar University
  • Alaa M. Tuama Assist Instructor, Community Health Department ,College of Nursing, University of Thi- Qar
  • Hiba Abdul-atheem Abdul-ameer Cancer Research Unit, College of medicine, Thi-Qar University


Objective: To Assessment Quality of Life for Patient with Thalassemia at Thalassemia Center in Thi-Qar Governorate, and to identify the association between nurses' socio-demographic characteristics of age, gender, marital status, occupation and blood group  and their effect to quality of life for patient with thalassemia. Methodology: A purposive "non-probability" sample of (100) patient who were selected from thalassemia Center in Thi-qar governorate for the period from October 4th 2014 to April 1st of 2015. Results:The  study results indicated that more than half of the sample participants are resident urban areas (58%), more than half of the sample participants were men (58%), more than half of the sample of participants are from the age group (5-10) years (54% ), that the vast majority of the participants were single (91%), one-third of the sample almost with low literacy (38%), most of the sample jobless (78%) and there is a significant relationship between the quality of life and some of the variables (such as age, level education and occupation).                                                         Recommendations: Initiate program to examine men and women before marriage to prevent thalassemia disease, the establishment of educational programs about the importance of adhering to a time treatment to reduce complications of thalassemia.


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