Extent of Overweight and Obesity among Children Aged (6-60) months in Al-Nasiriya at 2015-2016


  • Ghada Mansoor Abood Al-Asadi Department of Pediatrics, College of Medicine, Thi-Qar University


Extent, Overweight, Obesity, children


Background: The problem of obesity and overweight in children has been increased globally. Recently, the obesity prevalence rate reached an alarming level in both developed and developing countries.

Objectives: This study aims to determine the extent of overweight and obesity among infants and children aged 6-60 months in the center of AL-Nasiriya governorate and their relationship with different socio-demographic and lifestyle factors.


A cross-sectional study was carried out on 225 infants and children aged 6-60 months selected from children who have consulting primary health centers that randomly selected in AL-Nasiriya city during the period from October 2015 till the end of February 2016. BMI and Z-score was measured and compared to standard tables. Data on socio-demographic factors and dietary pattern was obtained by questionnaire.

Results: The proportion of overweight was 11.1% and for obesity 7.6% according to weight for height Z-score for all children. For children >24months, we found that 10.8% were overweight and 8.8% were obese by using BMI. In this study, there is a significant positive association between father's education and dairy products intake with overweight and obesity.

Conclusion: The prevalence of overweight and obesity among infants and children aged 6-60 months in Al- Nasiriya was high. It is positively associated with dairy products intake and father education had a positive relationship with obesity.


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