Recurrent laryngeal nerve injury during thyroid surgery


  • Asaad Mohammed kadhim General Surgeon in Alfayha Hospital and Lecturer in Basra University
  • Abdulameer Mohsen Aldarajy General Surgeon in Alfayha Hospital /Basra/Iraq


Iatrogenic injury of the recurrent laryngeal nerve (RLN) which frequently leads to vocal cord paresis or paralysis  is one of the main problems in thyroid surgery. The incidence of recurrent laryngeal nerve palsy varies between    1.5-14%. A total of 100 patients were included in this retrospective study. All patient  underwent thyroidectomy  at  Al Fayhaa General Hospital  from 1st April 2003 to 1st April 2004. Transient unilateral vocal cord paralysis occurred in 7 (4.06%) While permanent paralysis was found in only one patient (0.58%). There was  significant increases in the incidence of  transient  RLN injury in total and near total thyroid lobectomy. There were no  significant increases in the incidence of  permanent  RLN injury in malignant tumors


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