The variation between Angiotensin-Converting Enzyme Inhibitors (A.C.E. Inhibitors) and Angiotensin II Receptors Antagonists (A.II R.A.), in C.O.P.Ds. and Hypertensive patients

  • Jawad F. H. Al-Musawi


This study reflects that both A.C.E. inhibitors and A.IIR.A. had been reduced the hypertension in  a total 281 patients, that A.C.E. inhibitors had significant results 175(62.27%), more than  A.IIR.A. 106(27.72%) in treatment of hypertension in those C.O.P.D. patients with ages ranged between (40-70) years old. Also, we found that there was some degree of serum lipids reduction in those patients which were treated by either A.C.E. inhibitors 22(8.185%), or  by A.IIR.A.24(8.540%), with no significant different results in this reduction of serum lipids in both A.C.E. inhibitors and A.IIR.A..


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