• Ali Abid Sadoon Department of Community Medicine - College of Medicine - Thi Qar University
  • Haider Mohammed Fayyad Alyasiri Department of Internal Medicine - College of Medicine - Thi Qar University
  • Kadhim Mohan Department of Internal Medicine - College of Medicine - Thi Qar University


Introduction: HbA1c is well now as predictor for hyperglycaemia due to accumulation of sugar on the Hb. The aim of this study is to now the relationship between HbA1c level and hyperlipidaemia. Patient and methods: this study was done in the diabetic and endocrine centre between 2010-2011 in which 187 patients involved, all of them had DM we send them for B.sugar,HbA1c, lipid profile including s.cholestrol, s.triglyceride, HDL, LDL and VLDL, renal function test. We divide them according to their sex, age, residency, work, family history of DM, past medical history of HT, atherosclerosis, IHD, smoking habit, type of drug used, albuminuria and type of DM. we use the chi square and exact test and SPSS 17 for statistics. Results:  187 patients were involved in this study. 79(42%) were male and 108(58%) were female, there age was 3(1%) were less than 15 years, 74(40%) were in between 15-45 years and 110(59%) were more than 45years, HbA1c was divided into three groups the first one was less than 6 20(11%), 7-8 was 26(14%) and more than 8 was 141(75%). Strong relation ship between level of HbA1c and HDL (p=0.001), VLDL (p=0.027), s.cholestrol (p=0.004), s.triglyceride (p=0.05) and LDL (p=0.029). Conclusion: strong correlation was found between HbA1c and all component of lipid profile in patients with DM, there fore HbA1c is a good predictor for hyperlipidaemia in DM


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