• Maysloon A . Al-Sadoon Department of Microbiology , College of Medicine , University of Basrah, Basrah - IRAQ


Over five months period , the incidence of rotaviral and protozoal  infections  in patients receiving treatment   for malignancy was investigated in the present study. A total  of 58 patients  [38 males and 20 females] were involved  in this study.  Formalin – ether  concentration method And direct smear method  were used  for diagnosis of  stool samples.           Higher rates of infection were Found among  those<2 years old ,and also among males than  Females .   In this study higher  rate of infection in rural than in urban area  was found  and majority of  them  with  mixed  parasitic  infections  . All  them  with symptomatic  and most patient which  positive for Rotavirus  with chronic diarrhea (66.7 % )  higher  than  discontinuous diarrhea    (33.3 % ).


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