• Karim Nasir Hussain College of medicine-Al-Qadissyia University-Iraq


Background: Alcoholism hasn’t been a problem just for individuals,but it also has been a problem for families of the affected individuals.In recognizing such a result many studies have been produced to examine the genetic aspect of alcoholism. Objectives: To determine the importance role of genetic in alcoholism and to study the difference between those with positive and negative  family history of alcoholism. Methods: A cross sectional study that enrolled( 61) patients who met the diagnosis of alcoholism according to diagnostic criteria of structural clinical interview for diagnosis and statistical of mental disorder text revision (DSM-IV-TR). The patients who attended the psychiatric unit in Al-Diwaniya Teaching  Hospital for the period 1st  July, 2008 – 1st  June 2010. Results: This study revealed that (61) alcoholics admitted to hospital for treatment met the diagnosis of alcoholism according to the (DSM-IV-TR) were evaluated. The study revealed that 90% of the patients with positive family history of alcoholism reported antisocial behaviour, while those without family history reported only 16.13% antisocial behaviour.  Patients with family history of alcoholism showed more family problems and the reverse regarding psychiatric disorders. Conclusions: This study proveds that the association of psychiatric disorders as depression, severe anxiety and social phobia may occur with those without family history of alcoholism. We also noticed that patients with positive family history of alcoholism are of younger age of onset, with more symptoms of alcoholic dependence, tended to drink more, run more severe course and reported more antisocial behaviour.


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