• Nabra F. Salih Department of pathology. Collage of medicine. Thi qar university


Oral pyogenic granuloma is the most common inflammatory  hyperplasia seen in the oral cavity the purpose of this study was to retrospectively analyze the clincopathologic feature , histologic pattern and relation to pregnancy in   Al-Nasyriah governorate . A total of 100 cases of pyogenic granuloma (PG) during an 10 years period from 2000-2010 were examined. the data were reviewed and analyzed for age , gender , site , clinical and histopathologic features. The results shows that the age mean of occurrence was 29 years and the greatest degree of occurrence in third decade of life in young adult females. The gingiva was the most common affected site ( 38%) and the maxilla more affected than mandibule ( 24%) , the main complain was bleeding ( 65%) , the higher percent in females group was in pregnant women (66%). Non lobular capillary hemangioma (NLCH) (PG) were more fequentluy (73%) than lobular   capillary hemangioma ( LCH) (PG) (27%). Because of the high frequency of PG in the oral cavity especially during pregnancy so need for proper diagnosis and treatment .


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