• Mahasin M. Aiub Obst /Gyncol, CABOG , DGO, Basra Maternity Hospital
  • Edwar Z. Khosho F ICMS, DGO, University of Basrah medical college
  • Suror Adnan M.B.Ch. B, Basrah medical college


The diagnosis of pregnancy require a multi factorial approach using three main diagnostic  test, these are: clinical , laboratory & ultrasound examination.  There is no single test currently available which immediately differentiate continuing  from non continuing  intra uterine or tubal pregnancy(1). Aim of the study To assess the use of single serum progesterone measurement in early pregnancy and its relation to the 1st trimester fetal viability. Patients and methods A prospective study conducted in Basrah maternity and child hospital to assess and predict 1st trimester fetal viability using a single serum progesterone measurement for women who attend the hospital either as their 1st antenatal booking or hospitalization for vaginal bleeding or abdominal pain whom were followed for the end of 13th week of gestation and progesterone levels were  compared to the  fetal viability using ultrasound examination and results were analyzed  statistically. Result The study group enrolled 78 pregnancies, 44  pregnancies had continue viable till 13th week of pregnancy and 34 ended with spontaneous  abortion. Serum progesterone level was 5.7+10.9 in continuing pregnancy and 6.7+4.8 in spontaneous abortion. The difference progesterone level was highly significant (p value<0.0001). Conclusion Serum progesterone measurement is a reliable  biochemical test in establishing the diagnosis of early pregnancy  failure and a predictive test for pregnancy continuation.


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