• Hameed N. Mussa
  • Fadhel S.Weheed
  • Ali N. Assi
  • Sadiq Jarallah Yaseen


Background:   Little is known about the pattern and burden of cancer in Thi-qar city. The aim of this paper is to report the pattern and distribution of cancer in  largest series of Thi-qar cancer patients according to the year of diagnosis ,age , gender ,topography ,morphology and geographical distribution.                              Patients and methods : During a five year period (2005-2009). 3523 cancer patients, with various types of newly diagnosed cancer were registered by Cancer Control Unite in Thi-qar from all Health  Institutions in Thi-qar and in other neighboring Governorates . 1702 patients were males (48.3%) and 1821 were females (51.7%). Adding that around of  1458 patient(41.4%) of a total were died within this period. The crude relative frequencies(rates) of extent of  cancer risk(incidence &mortality)  have been determinant with reference to age, sex, area and year of diagnosis.                                                                                                                            Results: The number of cancer cases and the incidence rates are increased among these five years, where is the number is  436  and IR  28.7per 100000 of population  in 2005 while it is  804 and IR 46.9 in 2009 .This gives an average annual incidence or a crude annual incidence rate(IR) of 43.6 cases per100000of Thi-qar population per a year and the incidence is more in females than in males(48.3%for males and 51.7%for females). Higher number of cases were drawn from population of the center of the governorate  1455(41.3%), while lesser number in Al-Jabiash District 265(7.5%) and other district lie in between. Breast cancer is the most common or frequent cancer accounted for( 16.5%) of all cases and it alone accounted for 31.2% of all cancer in females with the incidence rate of 7.2/100000 of population , lung &bronchus is the second (11.2%), bladder was the third of all cancer cases(10.6%), while  other cancers as cancers of prostate and skin were less frequent incidence. The four most commonly diagnosed types of cancer in males are :lung &bronchus ,u. bladder, lymphomas and leukemias , accounting for 53.9% of estimated cancer cases in males. The four most commonly cancer in females are: Breast ,leukemia ,u. bladder, and lymphomas accounting for 53.5% of estimated cancer cases in females. Cancer risk infected all age groups in different percentages and the age specific  incidence rate (ASIR) increased with advancing ages in both sexes, higher rates are noticed in male children compared to female children up to age 14 . In addition, the risk of cancer is higher for females(sex-specific incidence rate is45.3per 100000 population) than for males (sex-specific incidence rate is41.9 per 100000 population). The number and percentage of death cases are also increased during these five years, it is more in males than in females  ,and the average annual number of death is 292 or the crude annual death rate is 18/100000 of population.                                                                                Conclusion:  Cancer is existed growing health problem in Thi-qar cancer patients,  it's with specific pattern and with different etiological factors.           SUMMARY  This study was described the cancer a growing, increasing health problem in Thi-qar during a period of five year (2005-2009) in a largest series of Thi-qar cancer patients .A bout  3523 case of newly diagnosed cancer case were registered ,about 1458(41.4%) were died in these five years. Both the bulk and the risk of developing cancer and the death rates are  increased with advancing ages in both sexes in all Thi-qar Districts in subsequent these five years.  The four most common cancers are breast, lung& bronchus ,urinary bladder and leukemias. The breast cancer is first killer in females while that lung is first killer in males.


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