• Sabeeh H. Al- Mayah Biology department , college of education , university of Basrah
  • Amal KH. Khalaf Microbiology department, college of medicine , university of Thi-qar
  • Ahmed M. Athbi Biology department , college of education , university of Basrah
  • Ahmed M. Athbi Biology department , college of education , university of Basrah


The activity of alkaloids compound extracted from Chlorophyta and Cyanophyta were test against pathogenic bacteria and fungi without parasites ,thus, the present study has aimed to test the activity of alkaloids as antiparasite for the first time in Iraq and against Hydatidosis among the world .The present study has resulted that 2-(N,N- dimethylhydrazino)cyclohexanecarbonitrile compound has activity against the protoscolices at five days –post treatment in  vitro and in low concentration from that used with albendazole. 


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