• Ahlam A.Alwahab


Objective: To evaluate the obstetrical complications and neonatal outcome of teenage pregnancies in comparison with older group. Setting : This study was carried out in Al- Basrah General hospital from 1st of October 2010 to 31st of March 2011. Study design: This study included 116 primigravida  women aged 15-19 year as a case  group & 116  rimigravida women aged 20-24 year as a control  group admitted to labour word during the  period of study,  all women recieved standared labour  management in cluding history & complete general & obstetric examination. Both  groups were compared  for the presnce of any pregnancy complication & for the mode of delivery   and Neonatol outcome also compared between the two groups. Results: teenage mothers had a higher  proportion (15.5%) of preterm deliveries compared to (4.3%) in the adult mothers and had higher proportion of low  birth weight babies (19,8%) compared to adult mothers.(6.89%).


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