Ultrasonographic study of Renal Pelvicalyceal System, and its dilatation, which may indicates for acute appendicitis


  • Talib Jawad Kazim PhD. Anatomy - Assistant Prof
  • Suhel Alnajjar M MSc. Anatomy, High Diploma G.S
  • Mohamed Elshequer, H PhD. Anatomy - Assistant Prof


The present measured the ultrasonographic parameters of the pelvicalyceal system in dyspeptic individuals (263), and another (168) males and (158) females patients who have been diagnosed as cases of acute appendicitis (AA). Samples of their appendices’ and peritoneal fluid were taken for histopathological, microbial and immunological studies. The white blood cell count (WBC) and general urine exam (GUE) were estimated for all subjects, which were used in this study prior to appendectomy.This study revealed that (34%) of the patients , were accompanied by right pelvicalyceal system dilatation (RPCSD), (1.5%) effected bilateral pelvicalyceal system dilatation (PCSD,) preoperatively and continued for three to four weeks, post operatively, but all of the cases followed up; restored normal pelvicalyceal system (PCS) later to the appendectomy


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