Synthesis Characterization of new compounds derivatives from amino acids (Alanin, Argenine and Aspartic acid)

  • Sajida Munadi thamir Biochemistry department,Midicine College,Thi-Qar University


This work involves preparation many compounds from cyclization of amino acid (Alanin, Argenine and Aspartic acid) by acetic an hydride to give (1-3) compounds, the last react with hydrazine to give its derivatives  1-amino -1- H –imidazol 5(4H) one. Schiff’s bases was prepared from react (4-6) compound with various aldehydes  and ketones ethyl bromo acetate react with (4-6) will be prepare (15-17) which react with hydrazine to give hydrazide derivatives (18-20) which condensation with aldehyde to keton to form Schiff’s bases (21-25).on the other side compounds (15-17) react with thiosemicarbazide to obtain (26-28) which convert to (24-30) by deal with H2SO4 and to (31-33) by react with Sodium hydroxide


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