Osteomyelitis of Symphysis Pubis: Case Report


  • Hussein Ali Hamad Consultant Surgeon, Al-Nassiriyah Teaching Hospital
  • Haider Shaheed Mohammed lecturer, College of medicine, University of Thiqar
  • Rafid Remthan Hussein Clinical Radiologist, DMRD, CABMs, Al-Hussein Teaching Hospital


Osteomyelitis of symphysis pubis is rarefied existence with ensuing deleterious sequela if not diagnosed swiftly and treated decently. Diverse reviews in publications about inflammatory, infective, and septic insult at this locus. As a matter of fact the diagnosis of this entity is oftentimes overlooked due to rareness,ambiguity,and resemblance with other simulating ailment thus impeding the diagnosis with accompanying ramifications incorporating abscess. We present a case of osteomyelitis of symphysis pubis in 23 years old male  who misdiagnosed with durable deferral and displaying as an abscess that mandating invasive intervention highlighting that physician should have had lower threshold for maintaining suspicion of this infrequently encountered entity.


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