• Haider Mohammed Fayadh Alyasiri Dept. of Medicine ,College of Medicine, Thi-Qar University


Background: Portal hypertensive gastropathy (PHG) refers to changes in the mucosa of the stomach in patients with liver cirrhosis, it may present with a wide variety of manifestations ranging from asymptomatic to severe upper GIT bleeding. Patient and method: 50 patients with histological proven liver cirrhosis involved in this study .35patients (70%) were male while 15 patients(30%) were female. OGD was done for them which revealed 46% of them were affected with PHG irrespective to the cause of liver cirrhosis. all kinds of liver cirrhosis was taken in the study apart from those who took NSAIDs in the last two weeks to exclude other causes of erosive gastritis. Results:- PHG was found in 46% of the patients , it range from gastric fold edema in 12% to ,erosive hemorrhagic gastritis in 16% erythematous mucosa in 24%, petechiae in 30% to snake skin appearance in 36%. Conclusion: PHG is well known complication of liver cirrhosis that can be asymptomatic or  cause  other manifestations from dyspepsia to severe upper GIT bleeding  that must be treated.


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