• Muslim Kandel Kadem General Surgeon--AlHussien teaching hospital Lecturer- Thi Qar medical college
  • Ali Nayyef Assi Consultant Surgeon-AlHussien teaching hospital Assistant Professor - ThiQar medical college
  • Razzaq Jemeel Al Rubaee Pediatrician-Bint AlHuda teaching hospital Assistant Professor - ThiQar medical college
  • Fadhil Ghathban Atshan General Surgeon--AlHussien teaching hospital


A prospective study to 125 babies complain from umbilical granuloma 64 males, 61 females they classify into 2 groups, first group (65 babies) are treated by cauterization while second group (60 babies) are treated by double ligation between period 1st jun. 2009 31st dec. 2009 We found that the recurrence rate after double ligation (5 babies 8%) while after cauterization about( 15 babies  23%) So we advice to use double ligation in treatment of umbilical granuloma in newborn       babies which   less recurrence and less complications than     ordinary cauterization. Aims of the study Comparison of two methods for managements of umbilical granuloma (cauterization vs double ligation ) to be use the best method , less recurrence , less complications


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