Solitary Non-Thrombotic Elevation in D-Dimer after COVID-19 Pfizer Vaccine: A Case Report


  • Haider Shaheed Mohammed Lecturer/ Department Of Internal Medicine/ College Of Medicine/ University Of Thiqar/ Iraq
  • Ali Abid Saadoon University of Thi-Qar/ College of Medicine/ Head of Community Medicine Department


D-dimer is sensitive and early marker of both inflammatory and thrombotic insult, extremely elevated          D-dimer might herald a serious events especially following receiving a shot of COVID-19 vaccine. The adverse effects of COVID-19 vaccine is simulating the rare but catastrophic thrombotic events following early alertness to this complication mandate search for this serious entity. D-dimer although non-specific but  it is highly sensitive and early marker of thrombotic as well as other serious pathologies, we present a case with nonspecific symptoms with  the only laboratory abnormality is lonely elevation in   D-dimer. To our knowledge this is the first reported case of elevated D-dimer without clinically manifest thrombosis highlighting to possible newly emerging practice of using D-dimer as an early evidence of hidden thrombosis.                                                                                


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