Effectiveness of Laparoscopic Sleeve Gastrectomy for Weight Loss and Associated Co-Morbities Follow up and Outcome, Baghdad / Iraq


  • Hussein Adnan Khalaf
  • Omar Salim Khattab


Laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy, weight loss, comorbidities


Objective: Laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy (LSG) is becoming a stand-alone bariatric surgery for obesity.  Aim To evaluate the effectiveness of  LSG for weight loss and associted comorbities on obese patients in medium term follow-up Patients and Methods: The study consisted of 47 patients (40 females and 7 males) underwent LSG the period from September 2012 to january 2018 at Medial city Baghdad teaching hospital 3rd floor single team results. The BMI ranged from 36 to 66, and aged from 18 to 66 years. Patients were grouped into three groups according to preop. BMI 3539.9 (11) 40-49.9 (18)   >50 (18).Medium-term outcome measures were: total weight loss (%TWL), excess weight loss (%EWL) and associated co-morbidities. Results 47 patients underwent LSG in our unit comprising 40 women and 7 men with a mean age of 33.7±7.2 years. preoperative mean body weight (BW) and BMI were 127±23.8, 47.2±7.6 respectively, After LSG, the mean BW significantly declined to 97.2±17.1 kg at 6 months, 88.3±14.4 kg at 1 year, 85.1±13.7 kg at 2 years,83.7±13.6 kg at 3 years and 82.2±11.1 at 4 years, Postoperative BMI was 36.1±5.3kg/m2 at 6 months,32.9±4.49 kg/m2 at 1 year, 31.7±4.3 kg/m2 at 2 years,30.8±4.09kg/m2 at 3 years and 30±3.3 at 4 years                                                            Conclusion LSG is effective in weight loss and is a resonable option for obese patients,especially for patients with a BMI >40 kg/m2


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