The Efficacy of Endoscopic Turbinoplasty Surgery in Nasal Obstruction


  • Rafid Yassen Jabbar ENT lecturer(Consultant) , MRCS , DOHNS , FRCS (Glasgow), Jordanian Board Otolaryngology Head And Neck Surgery
  • Mushtaq Neamah Abdul Sayed Assistant professor, Consultant otolaryngology surgeon, Alhabobi Teaching Hospital, FICMS, CABS,
  • Ali Abdil-Wahab MBChB, DLO (ORL), AB (ORL-HS).


There are different surgical techniques recently to reduce the size of the inferior turbinate such as; coblation technology, submucosal diathermy, endoscopic piriform turbinoplasty. The purpose of the study is to assess the effectiveness of endoscopic turbinoplasty in patients who are suffered from nasal obstruction because of inferior turbinate hypertrophy. In our research 50 patients were included who are complained of nasal obstruction with bilateral inferior turbinate hypertrophy, surgery in form of endoscopic turbinoplasty were performed on them. Finally, the endoscopic turbinoplasty is considered as an effective surgical management of inferior turbinate hypertrophy.


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