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  • Mohammed Naji Sahib 2H. Dip. Biochemistry, M.B.CH.B, Iraqi Ministry of Health, Bint -Alhuda hospital in Thi-qar
  • Nagham Hadi Zballa Alrikabi Al-Ayen University, 1Iraqi Ministry of Health, Hereditary blood diseases Center in Thi-qar
  • Ali Hadi Minjal Alrikabi Iraqi Ministry of Health, Mohammed Al Moussawi Children Hospital in Thi-qar
  • Ghaith Hadi Iraqi Ministry of Health, Mohammed Al Moussawi Children Hospital in Thi-qar


Thalassemia, Biochemical parameters


            This study was conducted in order to determine some of the changes that thalassemia can cause on some of the physiological and biochemical characteristics of the blood. (60) samples were selected and divided into three groups, the first represents control and includes (20) samples from healthy people, the second includes (20) samples and represents the group of people with thalassemia with spleen, and the third group includes (20) samples and represents the group of people with thalassemia who have had their spleen removed. The results of the current study showed a significant decrease (P < 0.05) in the levels of both hemoglobin and compacted cell volume in the second and third affected groups compared to the control group, while the results did not show any significant differences (P < 0.05) between the three groups in the rates of both Cholesterol, protein and ل glucose.                            


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