Estimation the Level of Interferon Gamma for Diabetic Patients Infected with Toxoplasmosis in Thi-Qar Province / Southern Iraq


  • Amal Khudair Khalaf Department of Microbiology / College of Medicine / University of Thi-Qar / Iraq
  • Maha Mudhfer Sadoon


toxoplasmosis, diabetic mellitus, ELIZA, interferon gamma (IFN- γ)


Toxoplasma is considered one of the most widespread parasites in the world and causes  toxoplasmosis. What distinguishes this disease is that it is asymptomatic and is considered immunocompromised, the most vulnerable group to it, such as diabetic patients, because their bodies do not secrete the hormone insulin that helps in diabetes metablism. Therefore, the metabolic activity in their body is considered weak relative to healthy people. The current study were used the ELISA technique to find out the frequency of T.gondii in diabetic individuals  and their relationship to IFN-Y and the effect of this cytokine on diabetic patients with toxoplasmosis by collecting 266 samples from Diabetic patients  and 125 from healthy people, the study showed 35% of diabetic patients infected with chronic Toxoplasmosis. This study were showed  a high level of  IFN- γ  in diabetic patients infected with toxoplasmosis (37.4 IU/ml) compared to diabetic patients without toxoplasmosis (16 IU/ml) .


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