Comparative Study Between Different Three Techniques of Endoscopic Endonasal Uncinectomy


  • Firas Baqir Al-Hameed M.B.Ch.B, MRCS ENT( England), C.A.B.M.S ENT, Thi-Qar Medical School, Iraq
  • Rafid Yaseen Jabbar M.B.Ch.B, ENT Consultant , MRCS, DO-HNS, FRCS (Glasgow), Faculty of Medicine, Basrah Medical College, Iraq


The endoscopic sinus surgery is one of the main surgical procedures in field of rhinology, in addition the endoscopic uncinectomy considers as the gateway for the maxillary sinus opening. However, there are many techniques to perform uncinectomy in various scientific articles such as Stammberger classical method and Swing -Door strategy which was emerged in 1998 via Professor P.J.Wormld .(1). This is a simple comparative study to compare between different uncinectomy procedures.


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