Barriers of Breast Cancer Screening and Early Detection among Iraqi Women in Dhi-Qar City


  • Jawad K. Al-Diwan Prof. MBChB, MSc, DCN, FICMS, FFPH, Department of Family and Community Medicine, College of Medicine, Baghdad University, Iraq
  • Afiaa Muhsin Obaid MBChB, FIBMS(FM), Al-Yarmook Teaching Hospital, Iraq
  • Alhan H. Sultan MBChB, FABHS(FM), FCS, Al-Kadhimiya Teaching Hospital, Iraq


Breast cancer, Barriers, Screening, Early detection, Cancer


Introduction: Breast Cancer patients in Iraq are often presented younger than those in high-income countries and diagnosed in advanced stages that led to a higher mortality rate. It is due to absence of screening program. Objectives:  Publication on the urgent need of Iraq for breast cancer screening is scarce. Therefore this study was carried out among Iraqi women in southern Iraq. Methods:  A total of 307 women were selected from (hospitals and PHCCs) in different areas in Dhi-Qar (Al-Gharraf, Al-Dawwaya ,Al-Shattrah and Al-Nassyria) at time of visit. An interview was carried out to fill the questionnaire, knowledge was scored as poor(0-2), fair(3-5) and good(6-8); score was used[12],[13]. Variables were expressed by frequency and percentage. Results: the age of the participants was 31.44±8.34. age at menarche was 13.08 ± 1.47, the age of marriage for married women was 23.75 ± 4.03. ( Table 3) show distributed barriers of consulting early detection center of cancer which were related in person himself, like lack of awareness on visit the doctor only when the sign and symptoms appear  (82.73%), there is no benefit from early detection of breast cancer (3.25%), lack of knowledge of location of clinics for early detection of cancer. (59.61%), Lack of knowledge of the priority of the visit when an early examination is desired or symptoms appear; is to Radiologist (14.33%), or General surgeon (5.86%), or Specialized in screening and early detection of cancer (37.79%), or Obstetrics & Gynecology specialist (37.45%), laboratory specialist (4.56%). Other barriers related with socioeconomic conditions shown in (table 4) participants answered with yes when we asked them is the cost of examination high? Were (14.65%), is the cost of going to health institution is high? (17.26%), There is no financial possibility to commit to multiple visits to the cancer early detection center: (33.87%). And in sociocultural barriers Shamed of the examination: was  (28.01%), and the effect of advising some women not to go for the examination: was (6.19%).. Good knowledge about risk factors that increase probability of breast cancer was evident among the participants, (55.4%) have score of knowledge (6-8). Conclusion: We concluded that there were many different barriers to screening and early detection of breast cancer, some of them individual specific barriers, and others correlated with socioeconomics conditions so as to there were barriers include health organization services.


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