Knowledge Towards Immunizations among Traditional Birth Attendants in Wassit Governorate


  • Sameeha Naser Abed Master Community Health Tech. in. institute technical of kut


Traditional birth attendants, knowledge, Immunizations


Objective:  This study aimed to assess the knowledge of traditional birth attendants regarding Immunization.                                                                                                               

Methodology: This study  was a cross sectional study conducted at wassit government , for a period of 4 months  extending  from  1st of  March  2015  to the 1St  June 2015. The study sample included 64 traditional birth attendants whose ages were 21 years and above. Data collection was obtained by direct interview ( using the questionnaire form) . The Research objectives are explained to TBAs and an emphasis on the confidentiality of information.    

Results:  forty-sixty  (64) TBAs were included in this study, Significantly over 75% (48) found in age >40 years.  21  (32.81%)  had read and write level . They were predominantly married,  67.19  %. In addition, They were residing in an urban area. Relative to length of experience, the highest frequency of TBAs were in the length of experience of  TBAs (15 < ) years was 53.13 %. nearly half of them (57.81%) were trained in the sectors of health. High  knowledge towards Immunizations was observed among (93.75 %) of TBAs

Recommendations: Depending on the high rate of TBAs’ knowledge concerning  Immunization recommend to train TBAs and utilize of them in the provision of advice on Immunization, especially in rural areas. Consolidation of relations between TBAs and health sectors, because of the significant impact on the high level of disease prevention, through seminars, lectures and open meetings.                                                                                                   


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