Association of GSTM1 , GSTT1 Genes Polymorphisms and Risk of Psoriasis in Thi Qar Province / Iraq


  • Hayder Hussein Jalood Department of Pharmacy- Mazaya University College, Iraq
  • Ahmed Abdulhussein Kawen Department of Dermatology - College of Medicine - University of Thi Qar, Iraq


Psoriasis, GSTs, polymorphism, PCR


Psoriasis is a ,chronic inflammatory, and proliferative skin disorder with a not entirely comprehended etiology. The aim of present study was to investigate the clinical features and estimate the association between null of GSTM1, GSTT1 genotypes and the development of psoriasis in Dhi Qar province. This study included 100 psoriasis patients and 100 healthy (mean age 29.08±16.46 and 31.8±11.2 respectively). Early onset was predominant (71%) than the late onset (mean of age onset 24.97±15.6). 51% of patients were males , 49% were females. Among cases 80% were non smoker, 20% were smoker. No significant between patient and control according to place of residence. Psoriasis vulgaris found in 65% of cases. Positive family history appear in 13% of patients. More of patients (56%) were exposure to stress during lifestyle. 5% patients were synchronized viral and bacterial infections. Analysis of GSTM1 , GSTT1 genotype showed no statistically significant with psoriasis susceptibility (OR=0.56; 95%, CI=0.32-0.99) and (OR=0.48; 95%, CI=0.25-0.92). Also the combined effect of GSTM1/GSTT1 null genotypes were found no increased risk of psoriasis (OR=0.55; 95%, CI=0.20-1.51).


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