Skin Problems in Children under Five Years Old Attending AL-Hussein Teaching Hospital in AL Nassiriah City


  • Hadaf Abdulameer AL-Junaiyeh College of Medicine, Thi-qar University, Thi-qar, Iraq, AL-Hussein Teaching Hospital
  • Hiba Ali Owaid College of Medicine, Thi-qar University, Thi-qar, Iraq, AL-Hussein Teaching Hospital
  • Asseel Dhuyool Hasan College of Medicine, Thi-qar University, Thi-qar, Iraq, AL-Hussein Teaching Hospital


Background: The frequency of Skin problems in children under 5years years old
attending AL-Hussein teaching Hospital in AL Nassiriah City are generally not well
Objective: to estimate the Frequency rate of skin diseases in children under 5years old in
AL Nasirirah City.
Patients and Methods: A cross-sectional study was carried out on402 patients of both
sexes with different skin diseases aged from birth to 5 years.
Result: the majority of the patients were Preschool children 306(76.12%). Infection was
the preponderant dermatoses278 (69.2% ). Among them, viral was the most
common134( 48.2%). Eczematous dermatoses were the second most common type76 (
18.9%) then papulosquemous disorders11 (2.71%), followed by pigmentary disorders 7(
1.74%). Both hair disorders & genodermatoses constituted 5(1.24%) of cases and
urticaria4(0.99%), finally a miscellaneous group of skin disorders were recorded 16(
Conclusion: infections and infestations were a major skin problems in children under 5
years old.


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