Epidemiology Of Ophthalmological Disease In Outpatient Clinic In AL-Nasiriya During 2018


  • Hala Ali Hussein Thi-Qar health directorate
  • Wajida Saad Bunian Thi-Qar university /College of Medicine
  • Ali Abd Saadoon Thi-Qar university /College of Medicine


AL Nasiriya, 2018, epidemiology of ophthalmological disease


Background: Ophthalmological disease especially (ocular allergy) represents one of the most common conditions encountered by  ophthalmologists. Some of them are often underdiagnosed and consequently undertreated. Basic and clinical research has provided a better understanding of the cells, mediators, and immunologic events. Aim: To study the epidemiology profile of ophthalmological disease in Al-Nasiriya at 2018. Materials and methods: Cross-sectional analytical study involved 1000 patients, attending  Al-Habboby Teaching hospital _Ophthalmology out patient in Al Nasiriya , the study extended from February  to September 2018. Sociodemographic factor ,current history  of ophthalmology disease and some determinants, specific investigation had implemented from each patient to assess the frequency ,determinants ,distributions of the commonest ophthalmological disease, (SPSS) version 23 had been in used to analysis data when be p-value <0.05 considered as significant statistically. Results: Female to male ratio was (1.277) Commonest affecting age (35-+2.0) , the highest Prevalence ophthalmological disease according prevalence rank as fallow (allergy, viral conjunctivitis , cataract ,bacterial conjunctivitis and foreign body) the result was (32.1%,14.5%,9.5%,4.6% , 4.1%) respectively. While lowest prevalence of ophthalmological disease was (astigmatism ,hyphema ,lazy eye, hordeolum, sebaceous cyst) the result was (0.1%.0.1%,0.1%,0.1%,0.1%)respectively. Where residence and education had significant statistical association. Conclusion: Allergy are the more commonest ophthalmological diseases in Al-Nasiriya ; Increasing levels of allergy carry significant clinical and economic implications, with more people at risk of the sight-threatening complications associated with high allergy.


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