Intramasseter Venous Malformation With Phleboliths: A Case Report


  • Rabab Abass Hasan n ( MBChB, FICMS Plastic-Reconstructive Surgery ) / College of Medicine / Thi-Qar University


Venous malformation is the most common vascular malformation, and is low flow type. About
40% of cases present in the area of head and neck. They are divided into superficial and deep
types. Superficial type involves skin and present with significant functional and cosmetic
outcome. Deep type includes intramuscular malformation and may have delayed presentation
until subjected to infection and trauma (1-3).
Phlepoliths are defined as calcified thrombi and related to vascular malformations or
hemangiomas produced by stasis of peripheral blood flow and are secondarily mineralized and
enlarged (4). Phleboliths in head and neck region reported in both children and adults and
commonly in the cheek. (5,6)


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