Transthoracic Echocardiographic Findings in Chronic Liver Disease Patients: A Single Center Study


  • Hasan Ali Ajeel MBChB, CABM, Najaf Cardiac Center / Najaf
  • Naqaa Majeed Hameed Al-Sayagh MBChB, Respiratoty Diploma, Margan Teaching Hospital / Babylon
  • Alhassan Dhurgham Hamzah MBChB, CABM, Baghdad Teaching Hospital
  • Hassan Nassrullah MBChB , CABM, FRCP Edin., University of Karbala / College of Medicine


Chronic liver disease, Transthoracic echocardiography


Aim of study: to identify the structural and functional myocardial abnormalities in
patients with chronic liver disease of various origin , by two dimensional trans thoracic
Echo assessment
Patients and Methods:
This study is a cross sectional study conducted in AL-Hussain medical city in patients
attending the gastrointestinal and hepatological center and patients admitted to medical
ward in AL-ZAHRRA center of internal medicine from September 2019 , to February
2020 on sample of 34 chronic liver disease patients .The diagnosis was based on history ,
clinical examination ,biochemical investigations , abdominal ultrasound,
Oesophagogastrodudenoscopy and in some patient histopathological findings ,those
patients sent to transthoracic echocardiography study.
There is significant correlation between chronic liver disease and echocardiographic
changes and the most common finding is diastolic dysfunction


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